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We Are More Than Just
An Art Studio!

At Sunflower Village, we value the importance of family and how art brings us together.

We offer arts and crafts for the whole family. 


We offer enrichment courses to bring a richness to creative learning and education.

We love to celebrate Brithday Parties!

We offer creative relief art camps and summer camp!



We are more than just an art studio, we want to provide a central hub for the community to experience creativity and education in a warming and safe environment. 


We want to merge all of the ideas, inspirations, and creative modalities for

self expression and expansion through art and enriching education.


Combining art with education.

We are homeschooling our children and we have the intention of building a homeschooling community at Sunflower Village, as we see the importance

of a home based education - we want to offer support for this educational journey.  

We are passionate about implementing the ways of sustainability, resourcefulness, wholeness and mindfulness when it comes to our natural environment and our bodies. 

We want to provide a space for families to create and learn together — in doing so, everlasting memories and bonding are cultivated effortlessly. 


We are a family of five and togetherness is what we find to be of the upmost importance, and this is one of our main reasons for creating Sunflower Village. 


Our intention for how we want to raise our three children is deeply rooted in the wholeness of our children and that they are their own persons. God created them in His image and it is our duty as their parents to guide them to following God's voice throughout their life on earth. 


We view our children as their own persons with an individual

blueprint designed by our Creator.


We value the energy that is put forth as their parents in allowing space for each of them to blossom in their own unique way.

To gently guide our children throughout their own discoveries and explorations in their journey of life — to remind them that they are a child of God and have a divine purpose in their lifetime.

At Sunflower Village, we want to cultivate a space that provides families with enriching learning experiences and freedom to create art through honest self expression.

Creation comes in many forms and we are constantly expanding in that continuous flow — the flow of divine beauty in expression within each personality of many. 


 Sunflower Village wants to share its expansive energy to impact the children and families on a deeper level than what meets the eyes. 


We want to be of influence in ways that make the learning and creating sustainable and boundless. A level that addresses the wholeness of the child - Mind, Body, Spirit. 


Sunflower Village is a place to gather with friends and family, to experience the wholeness of self expression, education, connection, and community - It's one grand central hub for all possibilities to come true.

We look forward to meeting YOU!




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Join us in the studio for any of our workshops, classes,camps, and open studios. 

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