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All Things Art

Join us in this 8 week course exploring all the different techniques of creating art! In each class, we will provide instructions and materials for the task at hand, and the students will have the freedom to create the project in their own unique way. We will be working with methods and mediums of watercolors, acrylic, mix media, and use a wide variety of materials and mediums. The student will develop a keen sense in how they see/view art, how they relate and connect to the art, and cultivate their own self expressed creations - expressed in an individual way. The students will be working with quality materials ensuring that each student creates beautiful art work that they are proud of.

We have two age groups for this class - ages (5-9) and ages (10-15).

Classes will reflect appropriate age groups with appropriate topics and activities. When you enroll in the class, please be sure to select the correct age group for enrollment.

Week 1-2: Fun With Watercolors: Watercolor, simply put, is water mixed with pigment which is then applied to paper. Painting with watercolors is a wonderful medium for children to work with, as it allows the child to slow down and really connect with the task at hand. We will be working with different techniques, such as wet on wet painting and wet on dry painting and the students will create beautiful art that they will be proud of.

Week 3-4 Acrylic and Abstract: We will explore techniques of abstract with using acrylic paint as our main medium. Abstract art portrays what an artist feels and thinks, rather than what he or see sees. Abstract is a great way for the students to express and create because there is ultimate freedom - there are no strict rules, just an open heart and an eagerness to create!

Week 5-6 Mixed Media and Collages: Mixed media is a fun and freeing type of art medium, which makes it perfect to do with children! Layers on layers to create beautiful art. It is, by design, a messy and imperfect medium, and one that speaks to self-expression and encourages thinking outside of the box. The whole process of mixing different mediums, such as paint, pastel,crayon, textures, will open the hearts and minds of each student in a way that other art projects do not.

We will be focusing on making mixed media collages and

The students will enjoy exploring a wide range of materials and seeing how combinations can create something beautiful as a work of art.

Week 7-8 Printmaking: Printmaking is such a neat technique and the children see it as a magical process! Printmaking is an art activity that allows the students to see cause and effect in action! Printmaking is an artistic process that involves transferring an image from one surface to another. This class will be full of creativity!

All payments must be paid in full by the first day of class.

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