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The Art Of Science / STEM

Join us in these 8 weeks of discovery and hands on projects and science experiments! Inspired from the hands on methods of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These classes are hands on learning that are fun and educational!

We have two age groups for this class - ages (5-9) and ages (10-15).

Classes will reflect appropriate age groups with appropriate topics and activities. When you enroll in the class, please be sure to select the correct age group.

Weeks 1-2: Experiments About Light - In these first weeks, students will be learning about why and how we can see, and also a few other interesting facts about light! Students will be delighted to see an experiment that demonstrates light reflection and prism, but to understand the science behind the magic light display is the icing on the cake! We will discuss different types of light - light and energy and invisible light, such as UV lights.

Week 3-4: Experiments About Colors - Learning about light in the previous weeks will lead into an easy transition into learning about colors. Students will understand the science behind colors. Why different objects have different colors, why do our eyes perceive different colors, and what happens when we mix colors?

Weeks 5-6: Learning about the Senses, Hearing + Sound and Smell - We will have fun activities for the students to participate in and learn how sound is a type of wave! The students will gain an intuitive understanding of via visualizing the sound wave. The students will be surprised to explore sound, frequency, and pitch through music. The next week we will learn of our sense of smell through hands on activities. Does everyone smell the same smell, or does everyone like the same smell? Why?

Week 7-8: Learning about the Senses, Taste and Touch - There are taste that we like and there are tastes that we don't like. Why can we taste? Can we taste the food while we hold our nose? We will explore different sensitivities to different tastes on the different areas of the tongue. Lastly, exploring the sense touch. Our sense of touch tells us many attributes of an object: shape, texture, size, weight, ect... and the students will explore the possibilities through activities.

All payments must be paid in full by the first day of class.

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