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The Art Of Herbalism

Join us in this 8 week herbalism course! Children are often fascinated with the outside world, learning from simple interactions with a puddle, a bug or a flower. In this herbalism course, the lessons caters to that natural inquisitiveness while introducing children to the world of herbalism in interesting and enjoyable ways.

We will be focusing on learning with hands-on activities (herbal crafts). Students will be learning the basics of herbalism, proper identification, and proper storage, all while having a fun and they will be able to take home their herbal craft for continual use! The students will have quality, non-gmo and organically sourced materials to work with.

Weeks 1-2: Introduction Into Herbs, Planting An Herb Garden, Crafting an herb infused simple syrup and lemonade beverage- Students will learn of herbs such — the medicinal properties, uses, and then a plant mini herb garden to bring home for each student to continue to care for and observe. In the following week, We will be crafting a delicious simple syrup to add into a freshly squeezed lemonade. The students will watch a demonstration of how to make the herbal infused simple syrup, and then the students will hand squeeze lemons to make a fresh lemonade. We will have herbal infused syrup on hand, ready to add into the beverage - this will be a fun and delicious class!

Weeks 3-4: The Art Of Salve Making + Hand crafting Natural Potpourri and a Poo-pourri toilet spray - In these following weeks, the students will be exploring different herbs that can be used to make a natural slave. Salves are a great topical to use as a gentle, yet effective way to address painful scrapes, itchy rashes + bug bites, dry + dull skin.

Each student will learn the process of making their own salve, along with proper labeling and identification. We will focus on the pine tree needles, which are already infused in an olive oil base - students will learn of the medicinal benefit and create a salve of their own to bring home and use.

In the following week we will be foucusing on dried herbs and flowers for hand crafting a natural potpourri. We will take the dried herbs and flowers and combining them into a container and add in essential oils - we will also make a poo-pourri toilet spray, using essential oils and witch hazel! This class is all about the aromatherapy - the smells!

Weeks 5-6: Loose Leaf Herbal Tea, Honey Infused With Herbs + Elderberry Syrup - In these next 2 weeks, we will be focusing on herbs that can be consumed in the form of teas, infused honey, and creating an elderberry syrup! We will have a variety of dried herbs set out with the intention of the students choosing several herbs to make an herbal tea combination to bring home. The students will then learn about the medicinal properties of the chosen herbs. In addition to, students will have a jar of raw local honey to infuse powdered herbs/plants into - creating a superfood honey! Such powders to be used are microgreens powder, turmeric powder, ginger powder, and maca powder. We will be heating up water in our kettle during the class to offer the students to try their created herbal tea blend and infused superfood honey - we hope that they love it!

We will have a special guest come in to talk tea talk with us!

She is a Naturopathic Holistic Doctor, and she has her own herbal tea company!

In the next class, we will be learning how to make a potent Elderberry Syrup! Each student will learn about the benefits of this magical syrup and how often to drink it. We will be demonstrating the process during the class - what ingredients go into the pot, cooking down the berries, the length of simmering, straining the syrup, when to add the honey for sweetness, jarring the syrup and how to properly label and store the final product. Each student will have their own pouch to fill the ingredients to bring home so that they can make their own elderberry syrup!

Weeks 7-8: Herbal Soap and Herbal Candle Pouring - In these last weeks the students will be making their own herbal soaps. Students will identify herbs and learn of the benefits of each herb used. Students will have several dried herbs to choose from and soap molds to add the herbs and melted soap base to. Students will be bringing their soap creations home with then to use immediately.

The last week the students will make their own hand poured herbal candles. We will have a variety of herbs and essential oils to choose from to create their desired scent. Herb identification will be a part of the learning process. Students will be able to bring home their candles that same day!

Herbs, plants will be non-gmo + organically sourced, + free from chemicals.

Honey will be raw and locally sourced.

All payments must be paid in full by the first day of class.

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