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Enrichment Classes

Join us in a unique homeschooling journey

Classes are OPEN for enrollment!

Classes begin January 18th, 2023

Our enrichment classes are cultivated with the intention of the

child to experience an enriching and wholesome class.


Our classes are to be used in a way that they add to the

child’s current education


We keep the classes small so that quality time and attention

can be a priority for the children.


This is an opportunity to bring your child to an educational/artistic setting

with other peers - to have everything already set up for the child to jump into exploration and learn with hands on experiences. 


We use quality materials so that the child can produce a beautiful piece of art and to experience a richful learning environment.

Sunflower Village Membership

Registration is open to all, but in order to secure your seat in the class, you must join our Sunflower Village Membership. 
This membership is a one time non-refundable $75 fee for the entire year and it is per family.
(If you have multiple children, we only require a one time payment of $75 per family for the year). 
This membership includes discounts for multiple class enrollment and families that have multiple children enrollment. 
The application includes a mandatory registration, waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement and an optional media release. 

Once you enroll in class, we will send you an invoice and the membership registration forms within 24 hours.

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Sunflower Village Enrichment Class 

Begins January 18th, 2023 and Ends March 8th, 2023.

Students will meet every Wednesday for the duration of 8 weeks. 


Within those 8 weeks, we will be exploring areas such as; science,

STEM, art, handiwork, literature, and math.


Students will experience collaborative learning by

participating in different hands on group activities, and

also experience independent learning with projects that 

allows for self expression to emerge. 


Class Details

Each class will begin with a read aloud of rich literature,

from poems and stories of all kind.

A few wonderful benefits to reading aloud is, it builds the

child's vocabulary, they learn how to pronounce unfamiliar words, it improves comprehension and active listening skills. 


We will then move into learning the beautiful language of

American Sign Language.

ASL is a language spoken with our hands, and it's how the deaf community communicates with each other.

Each week we will explore a different part of the Human Anatomy!

We will discover and learn through hands on projects and

activities that will surely ignite the minds of the students. 

At the last part of our class, we will wind down by doing a fun artsy craft/ handiwork project. Students will be able to end the class with releasing the rest of their creative juices in the form of art! 

Quick Weekly Synopsis 

Week 1: Read aloud, ASL, Learn about DNA, Making unique magnets


Week 2: Read aloud, ASL, Learn about our Blood, Tinfoil art project


Week 3: Read aloud, ASL, Learn about brain + nervous system, French Knitting


Week 4: Read aloud, ASL, Learn about the Heart, Making Paper Mache Lanterns


Week 5: Read aloud, ASL, Learn about the Respiratory System, Circle Weaving


Week 6: Read aloud, ASL, Learn about our Digestive System, Hand Sewing on canvas


Week 7: Read aloud, ASL, Learn about our Skin, Hand building with air dry clay


Week 8: Read aloud, ASL, Learn about Skeletal System, Watercolor Bookmarks



Start Date: January 18th 2023

End Date: March 8th 2023

Day Of Week: Wednesday's (We meet each Wednesday of every week)

Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm ( 2 Hours )

Price of Class: $45 per class (total of 8 classes) Payment Options available. 

Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Check.

For Ages: 6 - 12

Please review our cancellation and missed class policy - here.

Please review our cancellation and missed class policy - here.

Enroll In January - March 2023 Enrichment Class

This semester is 8 weeks - payments can be divided into 2 payments or pay all at once. 
Payment due the first day of class, that includes the split payment.

Payments accepted; Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Checks. 

Thanks for submitting!

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