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 The Art Of Compost

Learn About The Earth Through Composting

Image by Lenka Dzurendova
Image by Elena Mozhvilo


Maintaining the greenery of the planet and reducing our carbon footprint is our responsibility, and as parents we can show our children how to take action to make an impact on our planet at an early age. 


Composting is a great way to introduce children to the environment we co-exist with and the importance of being mindful of our actions.  By teaching children how to convert food waste into nutrient-rich soil, it gives children an appreciation for the planet, nature and its life cycle.


Children learn biology, chemistry and physics through composting, and even how the temperature works in the decomposition process. Introducing composting teaches children how the environment works and how we can take steps to reduce our waste! Composting helps kids understand the three environmental r’s (recycle, reuse and reduce), by learning the differences between biodegradable materials and non biodegradable materials that actually end up in our landfills. 









Course Details


In this course, we will be going over the importance of composting, and reducing our carbon footprint by learning of all the ways we csn reduce, reuse, and recycle. 


We will make composting bins for the child to bring home to begin their composting journey.


We will go over how to identify compostable materials vs non compostable materials, how to

make composting a part of their daily routine ( this can become a family routine), how to maintain the compost bin, what to do with the compost once it converts into soil, and the three r's

(recycle, reuse, reduce).


Learning about where our trash goes is of great value and the knowledge will add

to the importance of composting our food scraps so that the waste is reduced within the landfills.

The children will have fun participating in a science experiement demonstrating a landfill and where our trash goes. We will be engaing in hands on learning that is mainly project based.

This enrichment course will be a 4 week course, held 1 day a week. ( Tuesday's)


Price of course: $120 - breaks down to $30 per class (Includes all supplies and materials.)


Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo, Zelle - payments are due the first day of class or before. 

Within these 4 weeks, we will be discussing and learning all the benefits and different ways of composting through hands on project based activities.

Each child will have a composting bin that they will hand craft themselves to bring home to

continue using. 

After the 4 weeks, the child will be well equipped to continue on their journey to composting, reducung food waste, and to have the knowledge of the three r's of (recycle, reuse, reduce).


We hope to impact the hearts and minds of the children to be proactive in our enviornment in ways that better our future as a whole. We hope to show them that nature is intelligently designed

and that we can co-exist with our planet with reverance to the divine design. 

We have a limit of children that can be enrolled in this enrichment course - on a first come basis.

This is a drop off class - a release and liability waiver form and contact form will need to be filled out beforehand and submitted the day of or emailed.

We will email the forms to you when you register your child.

Child must be pre-registered before the course begins - please click the registeration

link to be directed to the registration. 

Please send us a message with any questions that you may have.

We look forward to creating and learning with your child. 

Quick Recap


Dates: Begins

Duration: 4 weeks


Time: 5:00-6:00

For Ages: 7-14

Price: $120 (That breaks down to $30 per class) All materials are included. 

Payments Accepted: Cash, Venmo, Zelle

Read our cancellation policy here, If you have any questions, please email us at 

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