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The Art Of Watercolors

Image by Gustavo Leighton


Learn the art of colors through watercolor painting. 



















In this 4 week enrichment course, your child will be guided to learn and acquire many different skills, including, developing and differentiating their sense of color and sight - form a good habit with setting up the proper workspace and collaboration with fellow peers, knowing how to apply color with paints mixed to varying strengths, and will become increasingly confident with blending colors. Each child will have learned to express the feelings and moods that arise when painting and to characterize the colors as they appear. Very tentatively, your child will be taught by using - though not explained- the rules of play, and given experiences of how colors and forms speak to one another in a composition. 


The first painting lesson can be the beginning foundations for your child to gradually develop

skills in the pictorial resources provided, and to develop artistic skills and abilities for 

self-expression. The pictorial resources involve numerous laws that are inherent in all meaningful artistic expression; colors, and forms are the elements combined into a whole meaningful composition. 


The harmonious interplay of both, sensory drive and formal drive, allows for “play drive,” to arise. 

As the sensory drive wishes to be determined, it wishes to receive an object; the formal drive wishes to determine itself, it wishes to produce an object. 

Therefore, the play drive will endeavor to receive as it would itself have produced,

and to produce as it aspires to receive. 


In this watercolor course, we will be focusing on pictorial resources and their significance, which allows the child to swing back and forth between immediate surprise of sensory perception and the practice of rules; leaving the child with a very positive formative effect. 

Additionally, when working with pictorial resources, it helps the child to develop a sense of order, clarity and an inner assurance. 


Our goal is to allow the space for the child to experience individual freedom between their sensory nature and reason. The child will feel a sense of security in accomplishing the assignments and then have the pleasure that they find in shaping ‘properly’ and ‘beautifully’ what they wished or were supposed to express. Working with strong colors (primary and secondary), as experience has shown, enlivens and strengthens life forces within the child. Children will come home wotha varitey of paintings that they worked on in the class. 


















This will be a 4week course - meeting every Thursday @ 4:30 - 5:30


For Ages 7-14


Price of course: $120 - This breaks down to $30 per class ( all materials provided)

Payments accepted: Cash, Checks, Venmo, and Zelle

Payment due before the first class - payment secures your child’s seat


LIMITED AMOUNT OF SEATS for the course to ensure the children receive the one on one attention


Please send us a message if you have any questions at and we will respond back to you promptly


Please register to secure your seat. 






Image by Greg Rosenke
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