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Children's Bible Study

Join us in this 8 week Children's Bible Study as we dive into the living word of God! We want to share with the students about God's character and how we can trust Him. We will read through scriptures that support the topics each week and build a strong foundation for the children to grow in GOd's love.

Weeks 1-2: The Story of Creation + Why God Created Us - In these first weeks we dive into how God created world and us - we will be learning the very beginning of God's big story. We will see how magnificant and power God is. The students will be participating in hands on arts and crafts that make the story of God's creation fun and memorable. God created us in His own image - God made us special because He modeled us after HIM!

Weeks 3-4: Jesus and The Fruits Of The Spirit - Who is Jesus and what did he do for us? What are the fruits of the spirit and how can we apply these characteristics into our everyday lives. Jesus is the Son of God, He is God manifested into the flesh and He came to earth to minister the path of salvation. The Students will hear of wonderful stories and miracles of Jesus and engage in arts and crafts to go along with the stories.

Weeks 5-6: Jesus hears our prayers and God's unconditional love - We will read scripture and stories from the Bible that reflect what unconditional love truly is and how we can live in this state always, even when we or others aren't being so nice. The power of prayer is real and powerful - we will learn from scripture and through arts crafts how to pray. Praying is communicating to God, and cultivating an intimate relation with Him.

Weeks 7-8: Fears, Miracles, and God's Promises - In these final weeks, the students will see and witness how God has helped His people overcome fear and fearing thoughts. We will read of the miracles and promises God has down for His People, such as Noah's Ark and His promise to never flood the earth again, and we see His covenant every time we see a rainbow. We will have arts + crafts to support all that has been learned, and they will serve as a reminder of God's love for us!

All payments must be paid in full by the first day of class.

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