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The Art Of Handiwork

Join us in is 8 weeks of handiwork that is fun filled with hand on projects for students to create! Handiwork is work done with the hands. Handwork serves to; develop and refine the motor skills of the child, using the fingers and hands creates for the child a connection between a sensorial experience and the act of creation, practicing improves a skill, and it gives the child multiple avenues to create something they find meaningful and even beautiful.

We have two age groups for this class - ages (5-9) and ages (10-15).

Classes will reflect appropriate age groups with appropriate topics and activities. When you enroll in the class, please be sure to select the correct age group for enrollment.

Week 1-2 Weaving, Looms and More: Students will have a variety of colored yarn to choose from to hand weave different projects. Within the 2 weeks, the students will use different tools and methods of weaving, for example, a loom to weave a beautiful wall art, or a paper cup to weave in a circular direction.

Week 3-4 Hand Sewing: Hand sewing will set the student up for success in the following weeks, for when we transition into the handiwork of embroidery. Students will learn the different stitches, such as a running straight stitch, backwards stitch, whip stitch and blanket stitch. We will be working with different colors and materials to create fun projects, such as, felt animal keychains, stuffed animal friends, bean bags, and pouches. The students will have the freedom to choose what they would like to make!

Week 5-6 Embroidery: Embroidery is a calming and engaging handiwork! We will start with introducing the fundamentals of embroidery, the different patterns and techniques. Each students will have the space to practice so that they each have a feel of how it all works. By the second week, the students will work on a project using their best effort to create a beautiful hand made piece of art. They will design their own patterns and choose their color scheme - then begin to create!

Week 7-8 Wet Felting: (For ages 5-9)

This is an exciting handicraft and it involves, soapy water and wool roving in using a wet felting technique! This is a great introducing to needle felting without the needle. Wet felting can be defined as the process of continually rubbing wool fibers together with mild soap and warm water to form a firm, felted object, and is often better for beginner felters to learn before they start needle felting because it does not involve any sharp objects. We will have a wide variety of colors of wool to choose from and a few different project to work on!

Week 7-8 Woodworking - Custom Building Wood Games: (For ages 10-15)

In these last 2 weeks we will be foucsing on woodworking and custom building wood games, such as a penny hocky board game and a bean bag toss board game. The students will have made hand sewn bean bags in the previous weeks, and these will make the perfect addition to the handmade board game for a fun bean bag toss. Students will have the guidance to using tools, such as drills, hammers, wood glue, clamps, templates to design their board games how they would like!

All payments must be paid in full by the first day of class.

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