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Poetry With Tea

Join us in this 8 week course learning about all the things poetry, while sipping on warming herbal tea. Poetry shows us and our children that love, life, and emotions can be expressed in so many different ways. Poetry gives us a new way to create and imagine.

As parents, you maybe wondering why poetry matters?

Poetry helps build early reading skills like rhyme, rhythm, and sound.

It helps kids develop their memory and brain power and gives them a way to express their thoughts. Most of all, poetry is fun! Funny children's poems and limericks can make kids laugh.

Poetry allows us to play with language and sentence structure. This creativity teaches children to experiment with language and to find new ways to communicate. The use of rhythm, rhyme and repetition also brilliant for speaking aloud. Children can use poetry as an outlet to express their feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Weeks 1-2: Rhyming Poems and Haiku Poems - In these first weeks we will introduce poetry with poems that are stutured as rhyming and haikus. The students will be encouraged to read aloud poems ( students that do read )

that provide examples of rhyming and haiku poems. We will also be writing our own poems and drawing illustrations with the writings. We will use these self written poems in the final weeks to when we make books from all the poems written.

Weeks 3-4: Acrostic Poems and Free Verse Poems - Students will hear and read poems that reflect acrostic and free verse poems and then create their own version of each style of poem. Each student may draw an illustration with their poems.

Weeks 5-6: Limerick Poems and The 5 Senses Poem - This will be the last weeks that the students will hear and read poems. We will focus on limerick and the 5 senses poems, and then create they will their own version of each style of poem. Each student may draw an illustration with their poems.

We have a special guest joining us - Jackie O’Neil, a Licensed Therapist, who offers counseling sessions with a focus on Women’s Studies and Family Systems. In this class, Jackie will be a part of guiding the children and showing them ways to connect to their heart, mind and body and then to express it on to paper through writing.

Weeks 7-8: Creating Our Own Book Of Poems - In these last weeks, we will piece together all of the hand written poems into a book. The students will create their own book of poems, poems that they wrote and illustrated. This will leave them with a beautiful product of all that they learned and see their handwork!

All payments must be paid in full by the first day of class.

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